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Tracy's Prayer Shawls

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I am putting free patterns and pictures of the prayer shawls I have made for my church in Piedmont Triad, NC. These are machine knit shawls and patterns.

Under Construction

Tuck Stitch Prayer Shawl
Machine:  Bulky (9.0mm) knitting machine with patterning capability
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft 4 or 5 skeins
Tuck Stitch pattern:
X = tuck stitch
0 = knit stitch
Be sure to leave 2 edge stitches on both sides as plain stockinette stitch.
E-Wrap cast on over 71 needles 35-0-35.
Knit 4 rows of plain stockinette stitch.
Set patterning.
Knit 450 rows in tuck stitch pattern.
Knit 4 rows plain stockinette stitch.
Bind off with backstitch bindoff. 

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